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Types of event we do

Corporate Event

Social Event




Launching Program

Cultural Program


Some major events we have done so far

Extreme Poverty Eradication Day Conference 2009

Launching the Country Branding of Bangladesh

Standard Chartered SME Fair

Standard Chartered-Financial Express Corporate Social Responsibility

Award (2006, 2007)

SCB Night

Standard Chartered Islamic Banking � SAADIQ Launching

Cricket Award of Bangladesh Cricket Board (2005, 2006)

Inaugural Flight launching event of Etihad Airways

Agents Award Night of Etihad Airways 2006-9

Participation in Dhaka Travel Mart for Etihad Airways

BASIS Soft Expo 2008

Launching of Pizza Hut in Dhaka & Chittagong

Launching of KFC in Dhaka & Chittagong�

Eye See The World, the blessed CSR project of 2014

Singapore Airlines and Partners initiated, Eye See The World for the 5th time in Bangladesh on 21 and 22 November at Abdul Hye Eye Hospital in Narshindhi. The motive of the project was to help people with visual impairments by arranging free eye treatment and cataract surgery. This year the project treated 164 cataract patients and provided outpatient treatment to roughly 500 patients.

TBWA\Benchmark worked as a partner for this CSR project. We developed the event�s theme, logo, banners, message and overall look n feel of the whole project. Every element related to this event was supervised by us and finally we successfully added another unbeaten project in our event management list.


Extreme poverty eradication day conference 2009

To celebrate the International Poverty Day a DFID funded NGO named SHIREE organized the Conference on 18 October 2009. The objective was to raise meaningful awareness of extreme poverty among key stakeholders/change makers in society especially politicians and top level policy makers.

TBWA\Benchmark won the job after a tough competition with other companies. We developed the event theme, logo, message, theme song, look n feel of the whole conference. Around 2000 guests participated in the conference. Every component related to this conference were managed by us and finally it was successful event.

Launching of the Country Branding of Bangladesh

Branding Bangladesh has been a grand event for us not only because of it�s volume but also for it�s significance. Our best effort made this event successful; and each chapter of this event reflected our creative minds.


It all started with an unique invitation carrying the call for people to unlock their spirit as soon as they open the box and they find a flute wrapped up with a piece of cloth on which the invitation details were written.

The event set up was looking spectacular with all it�s glories. All the invitees and main guests took their seat in the audience zone; no special sitting arrangement was made on stage. It kept the energy of the event equal for all the audience.

The program was enriched by the significance presence of great social and national contributors, key personalities and policy level people like Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed, former chief adviser of Bangladesh Government..

Moreover, exciting laser shows and soothing music created a classic environment.

Agents award night & anniversary event

Each year Etihad Airways celebrates their anniversary and agent�s night. Etihad Airways started it�s operation five years back internationally with last three years in Bangladesh. Their devotion and endeavor have found success and that�s why each event looks so energetic and exciting when they all join� together to celebrate their success.

The first two anniversaries were great. The theme was Arabian Nights and participants had the time of their life. Participants moved their hips with loud�� and hip music.

New country head office inauguration ceremony

It was a splendid event to organize for us with so many obstacles and challenges. The new corporate head office in Gulshan was wrapped and dramatically unveiled electronically by CEO.

All the other visitors and guests were outside to see the first few glimpse of the majestic new corporate house

This event was a great challenge for us. Two exciting activities in two places was a tough job to handle and moreover we only got four hours in hand to complete the whole set up in Pan Pacific Sonargaon Ball room as the venue was booked for another event till noon. Again, we did put our best effort in that four hour to make another successful classy event.

SCB Night

SCB was looking for an event where all of their hard working employees will come and get a room for enjoyment. We made a grand event where we arranged the ambient of thousand years old environment. It was breathtaking! They came, they saw, they enjoyed and we proved ourselves again by organizing such a grand event for this 1500 people!

SCB iron man (2006)

It was a thematic event organized for the staffs of the Standard Chartered Bank to inspire them and giving them various directives. They were taken about 450 kilometer far from Dhaka, there were about700 guests and all of joined in a 5 daylong event.

Bangladesh cricket award

For the first time, BCB came up with an challenging brief where they for the first time recognized the cricket heroes of Bangladesh starting from best players to the best sports journalists. We started running our creative minds and came with the whole concept of �A celebration of cricket� and this honorable event took place.


Bangladesh 2030: Strategy for Growth

Chief Guest : Sheikh Hasina, MP.

Hon�ble Prime Minister of the Government of the People�s Republic of Bangladesh

Bangladesh can be the 30th largest economy in the world by 2030. According to Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) it is quite possible if we can regulate proper strategies.

DCCI wanted to organize a day long conference entitled �Bangaldesh 2030: Strategy for Growth�. DCCI wanted to deliver the feel of prosperous future to the participants and the guests. The guest list included our Honorable Prime Minister, Cabinet ministers, Policy makers, Business persons, Industrialists and above all entrepreneurs; the key role players in strategy planning.

We came up with two individual tools - Imagination and Belief. We sketched the outline of the future on our known present world. We developed our visuals in the way that they can help our audience to imagine what can really be achieved in the future. The latter tool Belief was represented through Imaginary International Magazines covering advancements of Bangladesh over time.

The conference was held in Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel on 7th December, 2010. We created a tunnel toward the future in the venue; from entrance to the Grand Ball Room. The event was managed successfully. Our honorable guests and participants came to take part in the day long conference and experienced the thrill of Bangladesh�s potential. Becoming a part of such event was an absolute honor and pleasure to us.

Road Show for Ananda Shipyard & Slipways Ltd Event

Benchmark has arranged the IPO Road Show for Ananda Shipyard & Slipways Ltd. on the eve of 17 January, 2011 at the Grand Ballroom of Radisson Water Garden Hotel. Prime Finance Capital Management ltd. was the Issue manager of the issue. The Price Discovery Road Show was scheduled for 6 PM. Representatives from various Eligible Institutional Investors (EIIs) were present on the occasion.


Sticking to the trend of Benchmark, the event was given a unique outlook. As Ananda Shipyard & Slipways Ltd. is the pioneering and biggest ship building industry of Bangladesh, the whole event was given the theme �Let us think BIG�. From the entrance gate to the stage, everything was designed following various components of ships. This was to give the audience a feel of boarding a ship. All the branding materials were designed incorporating the ship and shipyard.


At the entrance to the foyer of Radisson, a Gate was placed that resembles a Gantry Crane. Entering into the foyer, there were receptionists to welcome the guests with flowers. The ushers were all in Red Saris,white scarf with a white cap. The attire was designed after the cabin crew of ships, with a Bengali flavor in it. A reception table was set at the foyer to receive the authorization letters and visiting cards from the guests. At the entrance to the GBR a second gate was setup resembling to the gate of a ship. Inside the ballroom the walls had printed stands with different components of ships. There were small ship models in the corners of the ballroom. The stage was designed as the forefront of a ship. The backdrop was designed as the superstructure of the ship. Consequently, from the audience�s point of view, they could see a complete ship from the front. The table runner was also designed as a wheel and instead of table blooms; we designed a crest incorporating the logo of Ananda Shipyard & Slipways Ltd. as the table piece. The ambience and lighting was arranged accordingly to give a feel of a cruise.

TBWA\BENCHMARK event team provides:

A to Z solution

Creative Support

Content Development

All production support

Venue Decoration Support

Venue Management Support

All Technical Support like, Sound, Light, Audio Visual, etc.

Guest Management Support

VIP Management

MC arrangement

Cultural Program Arrangement

Volunteer Support

Security Management

Cost effective solution

Crisis Management

Arrangement in short notice








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