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Those days are gone when the business card was the brand. Branding is lot more today and Branding is the conversation of today�s business. Branding is the most effective way of cutting through the racket to reach people's hearts and minds.

Welcome to the world of brand-led business transformation. We create brand identity for your business by starting a brand conversation� first. Our offering is a menu, not a rigid process. Different companies start at different points, depending on their business. Where does your brand need to grow?

We develop robust, long-lasting and clearly differentiated brand platforms to reach the full business potentials. The brand platform serves as critical anchor points for the entire organization and it ensures the brand experiences are consistent across touch points, services and � future plans. The band platform also dictates brand/advertising guidelines and what needs to be developed/ updated. There comes brand�identity which includes logo, stationeries, colors, tag line, templates, tonality, photographic style, do and don�ts etc.� By incorporating all these we produce creative and evocative brand handbook that brings the brand platforms to life.

See below some brand identity created by us -

Brand identity of a mobile service provider � Robi



Logo and brand identity for a mobile handset � maximus



Logo and brand identity for a Wi max service provider- Banglalion


Logo and brand identity for a FM radio - ABC




We too have a Dream

We do not always dream as individuals; sometimes we dream as a group, sometimes we even dream as a nation. When dreams are collective, the dream is a reflection of the values and beliefs of a community. Grameenphone shares in the power of collective dreams. We strive to connect 160 million people, so that we may dream as one. Because it is only when we are united, can a nation boldly step up and reach towards a better futures. The power of collective dreams gives us hopes; brings us together.

Apollo Hospitals Dhaka

Growing Together

It was five years ago that Apollo Hospitals Dhaka first opened its doors. We were driven not only by a mission, but more so by a passion; a passion to touch lives. We did not treat only patients, we treated lives. Each life we changed touched the lives of many others � as we saw in the smiling faces of their families and loved ones.Five years later, we can proudly say that by touching lives the way we have, performed countless miracles. We have not only saved lives, we have saved families. We have helped people to grow together.

Our Annual report is a communication of all this and, how we to have grown stronger with every life that we�ve touched.


Reaching the sky�

LankaBangla�s Strong Foundation, clearly defined Strategies, well structured Processes, committed Team of People, will ensure continued Success, towards Reaching the sky�





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