TBWA\Benchmark is Bangladesh’s face in Cannes Lions Festival this year

Two young creative minds of TBWA\Benchmark have won Cannes Young Lions Creative Competition and  representing Bangladesh in Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity to be held on June 17 -23 at Cannes, France. The winning team will be flying off on 15 June to participate in the prestigious International Young Lions Creative Competition at Cannes.

Farhan Aziz and Nuruzzaman Babu, a creative supervisor and a visualizer of TBWA\Benchmark respectively will represent Bangladesh as ‘Young Lions’ in Cannes Festival after winning a tough competition arranged locally among the top notch creative agencies in Bangladesh. The competition was held on 7 April 2012 at the Bangladesh Brand Forum premises.

The participants were asked to develop a print campaign for the world marketing summit 2012 with the vision of “changing the world through marketing”. The judge panel consisting of some major marketing & creative heads of Bangladesh scrutinized all the concepts and tested feasibility and selected the Team TBWA\Benchmark’s project as the best one to compete in the Cannes Festival.

Portraying a belief of “Business lies at the heart of any marketer or entrepreneur, and at the heart of any business lies a benefit to society”, the team Benchmark constructed 3 layouts. The 1st layout referred the entrepreneurs saying that the goal of business is to earn profit, but if we think carefully the creation and growth of every business leads to the benefit for society through serving people and making a way of their living. The 2nd layout referred the technology business owners who upgrade their machineries with the thought of development of their business which actually results in making the life easier for the workers and other people in the society. And the 3rd one was for commodity business holder, like Shoe marketer, always targets to increase the sell volume but beneath the target lies the fact that, as much as comfort the shoe will give to the consumers the sale will increase.

Presenting these 3 wonderful layouts, team Benchmark successfully proved that all the marketers are actually creating a better world for the human being. Their outstanding observation led them to achieve the honor of participating at Cannes.

3 layouts presented by team TBWA\Benchmark in Cannes Lions competition 2012 Bangladesh


Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity is the world’s biggest celebration of creativity which incorporates the most prestigious international annual advertising and communication awards. It is a huge opportunity for a country to represent its promising creative minds globally. The young Lions Competitions are held during the festival for the advertising professionals aged 28 or under working in advertising or communication business.

Team TBWA\Benchmark will not only compete with the creative people from different corner of the globe, they will also experience the enriching knowledge at the festival and lighten up our local creative industry. We believe that TBWA\Benchmark will produce an outstanding performance with their diligence and devotion. Wish them all the best from Bangladesh!

As the winning team Farhan & Nuruzzaman Babu are seen with the judges of Cannes Lions competition 2012 Bangladesh